Japan ist nicht so weit weg! Seit 2002 gibt es Smart Deli, unser bunt bequemes japanisches Lokal für neugierige Leute.
Wir bieten neben aktuellem japanischem Lifestyle auch frisches Sushi und leckeres aus der japanischen Alltagsküche.



Bento Boxes

stir fried beef bento

we also have made as side dish beside stir fried beef;
flaky tofu, omelet, baby bambus with bonito flavor and flakes, pickled cucumber,
tarako fish roe, mini pan cake and beans in sesame sauce.

spicy fish roe on rice & chicken teriyaki

this is the bento box who wants to experience little bits of everything in one box.
on one side, scramble eggs, spicy fish roe and peas on rice.
bacon potatoes and dock roots cooked in japanese style.
on the other side, chicken teriyaki, rice, pickled vegetables and hijiki sea weeds with vegetables.

grilled squid bento

have you ever been to japanese festivals?
grilled squid is the one of the popular street food in summer in japan.
this box make you feel like, you are outside in the sun...

grilled eel on rice

grilled eel is very attracted japanese people specially in summer.
it is because eel has lots of B thing in nutrition... believe it or not!

how we make bentos...

we are very happy to hear your requests,too.

onigiri - rice balls

onigiri rice balls are light and healthy meal.
it will make perfect breakfast.

hamburger bento

hamburger is one of the popular bento menu.
coleslaw salat, cooked vegetables, edamame beans
and okura in sesame sauce are the line ups.

simmered mackerel in miso

umeboshi(salty plum) on rice(typical bento rice),
noodle salad, beans in sesame sauce,
marinated fish cake and spinich omelet.

many things to enjoy!

so many of variations in one box!

many things to enjoy! part 2

we cook the side dishes which match with main dishes.
we also trying to pick up seasonal materials so that will
make you the seasons from what you eat.